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                                Hallo met again with Berkah Mandiri Mesindo.

        In high prints commonly referred to as letterpress or boekdruk, parts or surfaces that are scored higher or more prominently upwards than non-printing parts as well as stamps in offices.

       In contrast to the print in the usual called intaglio or diepdruk. the printed portion is lower than the part that does not print. the lower portions of the image will be filled with ink until it is ink supply.

ink that is attached to the unnecessary part of the part that will have to be clean, wiped first with a blade or rack so that the ink is lost, after it is in print, the ink inside will be inhaled by paper, then there is mold on paper.

      If on a high print and print in the printing process it happens mechanically ordinary, that is, the parts that print with parts that do not print higher or lower.

on a flat print the process was achieved due to the presence of drugs that caused a conflict between water and oil.

so even if the surface is printing with that does not print equally, but in the presence of the medicines then when the surface of stone or zinc (Plate Aluminum) on the roll with ink, ink will be attached to the existing part of the picture, while the part that no image not holding ink.

this can happen because at the time the stone or zinc (Plate Aluminum) has been drawn, the zinc surface was wiped with gom into the pores on the zinc was open and enter the gom that mixed with nitric acid which is called etching.

      because nitric acid, zinc pores / plate is open and enter the gum into the pores of the zinc / plate that is not covered by the image. with the gums that enter into the pores. at the time the zinc / plate is wiped with water, part of the water is inhaled by gom ,. until the zinc / plate surface that does not have the picture contains water.
then when the zinc / plate is then dirol with ink, ink will not be attached to the existing water.

     so the principle of flat print is the contradiction between water and oil. the part of the drawing will hold the ink and reject the water. and the part that no picture will hold water and refuse ink.

hopefully this article can help younger siblings or friends who are looking for papers for graffiti school.

Greetings Success Always, Aamiin.

By. Berkah Mandiri Mesindo

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