Thursday, December 14, 2017


                                          CHANGE SIZE IMAGES ON PRINT RESULT

      One of the most common difficulties facing a printer or print carrier is if there is a change in the size of the image above the platen or the printout that does not match the size of the image on the film.
The image size change is due to several reasons:

1. As a result of adjusting the cylinder - the size of the cylinder is changed due to the sheer thickness      of the printed paper. the prints will get longer if the paper gets thicker and the thinner the paper 
    will reduce the length of the printout.

2. Lots of water (Fountain dampening solution) brought by new moll or roller cloth
    water to paper will also affect the prints or drawings.
    more water is absorbed by the paper, causing the paper to expand more. The development of the
    paper is usually larger in cross direction than in grain direction.
    the addition of image length can only be done in the direction of cylinder rotation.
    therefore the paper to be printed on the fiber must be parallel to the cylinder export. unless if
    there is a certain purpose, for example the printout will still be connected with other prints
    to require a different direction to reduce development when it is pasted.

3. Because the pressure is too strong between the cylindrical plate with the blanket cylinder can
    cause paper to easily expand. to shorten the image or the printout is done by adding an
    underlay on the cylinder plate and reducing the underlay on the blanket cylinder.

     at the time of color printing, the first printed image used as a guide for other colors to be longer than the next print. because of the pressure of the cylinder and water, the paper will expand. the development of paper in the first mold can be offset by reducing or adding an underlay on the cylinder plate and the blanket cylinder.
to allow more flexibility to adjust the length of the image on the job to register, the time of printing for the first color used as a guideline of other colors, the underlay on the cylinder plate to be added again (more than usual).

Hopefully this article can help the printing machine operators in overcoming the problem. aamiin.
success is always for the printing world.

By. Berkah Mandiri Mesindo

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